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چهارشنبه ۲۱ سنبلهٔ


Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

17th European Arts Therapies Conference​

Singing about the dark times Creation and Resistance in the arts therapies

17th European Arts Therapies Conference​
17th European Arts Therapies Conference​

Time & Location

۲۱ سنبلهٔ ۱۴۰۳، ۱۷:۰۰ (‎+۲ گرینویچ) – ۲۴ سنبلهٔ ۱۴۰۳، ۱۷:۰۰ (‎+۲ گرینویچ)

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Hoogpoort 15, 9000 Gent, Belgium

About the event

Seventeenth European Arts Therapies Conference

September 11th -14th 2024

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Ghent, Belgium

The Conference Directors invite you to submit proposals for papers, workshops, panel discussion, performances, and posters on the conference theme.

The programme will offer the following pathways:

Art Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy


Music Therapy

Play Therapy

Education in the Arts Therapies

We will welcome your proposals until 20th October 2023

The selection processes will take place during November and December 2023

Late submissions cannot be considered by the Scientific Committee. Conference Title

Singing about the dark times – Creation and Resistance in the arts therapies

Zingen over donkere tijden: creatie en verzet in creatieve therapie

Chanter les temps sombres:création et résistance dans les arts thérapies

Conference Theme

See the Conference Theme page here

Conference Formats

Presenters  and workshop facilitators should avoid the repetition of work already  presented at an ECArTE conference. We are seeking new and innovative  proposals, which respond to the theme.

Normally, sessions will adhere to the following timings and structures

  • PAPER SESSIONS Paper presentations: 30 minutes Each paper presentation will be followed by a 15 minute Question and Answer period
  • WORKSHOPS: 2 HOURS A workshop session should explore an element or aspect of the theme of  the conference. It should be experiential and not include lengthy spoken  introductions and commentaries. (Please note there is no provision for  IT and PowerPoint equipment in the workshop rooms).
  • POSTER PRESENTATION SESSIONS Abstracts for e-posters and paper posters are welcome. Presenters will  be required to bring with them posters ready for display or electronic  presentation. A session will be within the programme, when poster  presenters will be available to answer questions and to discuss ideas  arising from the content of their posters.
  • PERFORMANCES Performances should be no more than 30 minutes in length. Please note that the conference centre can provide only minimal technical equipment to support your performance.
  • PANELS  Panels will normally be 90 minutes and consist of 4-6 members, each of whom will prepare an initial statement on the selected topic

Conference Registration Fees

Conference presenters are required to pay their fees by 1 June 2024.

See the Conference Fees page for details of the fees.

Call for Papers Enquiries All enquiries about a submission to The Conference Office email address or send us a message (click below).

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